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Wolf Volcano Eruption 2015 – a guest’s own experience

Wolf Volcano Eruption 2015 – a guest’s own experience

05 Galapagos Volcano – 3 of 4 from Santiago Bejarano on Vimeo.

Wolf Volcano Eruption 2015 – a guest’s own experience

In late May and early June 2015, Wolf Volcano, the highest volcano in the Galapagos Islands erupted for the first time in 33 years. The eruption on Isabela Island sent volcanic gases and ash around 15 kilometres into the sky, while lava flowed through a fissure, down its eastern and southeastern slopes to the sea. In early June the eruption subsided and scientists continue to monitor the volcano for activity.

At the start of the eruption, conservation groups feared for the safety of a rare species of pink iguanas, which are only found on Isabela Island and for the local population of giant tortoises and yellow iguanas. Neither species has been endangered so far by the eruption because ash and lava flowed east and southeast, while the animals live to the north and west of the summit.

Tony and Lyn Gough, guests of ours who were in the Galapagos in May were lucky enough to be able to experience the eruption of Wolf Volcano and took this video whilst on board one of the Yachts we use, the Ocean Spray.

This is what Tony wrote in his email to us about it:

“The photo shows a view from the deck of the Ocean Spray looking towards the Wolf volcano. We then took a ‘panga’ much closer to the lava flow as it entered the water and that is shown in the video. If you look at the photo you will see a small hot spot to the right of the main lava flow; that is where we went with the ‘panga’.”