Best time to visit the Galapagos

A year round destination where each month brings its own special highlights

Best time to visit the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are a year round destination and the best time to visit really depends on the wildlife you want to see. Because of their proximity to the equator, the Galapagos don’t have winter, spring, summer or autumn seasons. Instead they have two seasons known as the ‘warm season’ and the ‘dry season’. The dry season lasts roughly from June to November and the warm season lasts roughly from December to May when daytime temperatures tend to be slightly warmer.

For detailed information on the wildlife highlights of each month, land and sea temperatures and rainfall statistics check out our detailed month by month guide below.

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Water & Air Temperatures

Galapagos is on the equator which means there isn’t a huge variation in the weather, but just in case it is helpful for you when deciding when is the best time to travel to Galapagos here is a table of the key climate indicators.

DAILY HIGH ºC (ºF)29 (85)29 (85)31 (87)31 (87)27 (81)26 (79)25 (77)24 (76)24 (76)25 (77)26 (78)26 (79)
DAILY LOW ºC (ºF)22 (71.6)24 (76)24 (76)24 (76)22 (71.6)21 (69.8)20 (68)19 (66.2)19 (66.2)20 (68)21 (69.8)22 (71.6)
SEA TEMP ºC (ºF)24 (75.2)25 (77)25 (77)25 (77)24 (75.2)23 (73.4)22 (71.6)21 (69.8)22 (71.6)22 (71.6)23 (73.4)23 (73.4)
RAINFALL MM (INCH)68.6 (2.7)91.4 (3.6)94 (3.7)71.1 (2.8)33 (1.3)22.9 (0.90)15.2 (0.60)5.1 (0.20)5.1 (0.20)5.1 (0.20)7.6 (0.30)30.5 (1.20)
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Every single day was brilliant!
Corrina Matt
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It was simply fantastic, every single day was brilliant! All was superbly planned and happened as planned... It has been a magical experience all round.
One of the most exciting holidays
Margaret Tindale
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Ecuador and Galapagos was for me one of the most exciting holidays I have ever experienced. Travelling with Think Galapagos made the holiday even more special.
A seamless memorable trip
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The team are passionate about what they do, and have the knowledge and contacts to create the type of journey that fits your travel style. A seamless, memorable trip, even at such short notice.
Absolutely fantastic holiday
Garry and Gillian Hawkins
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An absolutely fantastic holiday! The Amazon was brilliant, and Galapagos was just magical. This has been an absolute holiday of a lifetime for us and we would recommend you to anyone.
Like living in a nature documentary
Dr Kayleigh Wyles
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It felt like we were living in a nature documentary, seeing so many unusual and unique species, but also able to observe their natural behaviour. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, were great in offering vegetarian alternatives for me.


All our Galapagos wildlife holidays have a naturalist-led cruise at their heart. Because the islands are spread over more than 200 km, by visiting on board a live-aboard Galapagos wildlife cruise, this enables you to reach the most remote and pristine parts of the archipelago

Navigating mostly at night means you to spend the best parts of the day for wildlife watching with early morning and late afternoon land visits. Then in the middle of the day you can experience some of the amazing Galapagos wildlife below the water, with some of the best snorkelling in the world.

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