Bartolome Island – Galapagos


Hiking, snorkelling, swimming, double sided beach, beautiful views of the other islands.


dry landing (for hike up the volcano) wet landing on the beach


Galapagos penguin, Blue-footed Boobies, pelicans, marine turtles, sea lions, tropical fish


Lava Cactus, thorn bush, white and red mangrove

Bartolome Island

A volcanic islet just off the east coast of Santiago Island, Bartolome is one of the ‘younger’ islands in Galapagos and offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in Galapagos and is an exceptional place to observe volcanic island geology. The long climb on wooden steps to the pinnacle of this cinder cone you will encounter different formations of volcanic origin, including spatter and tuff cones, lava flows and lava tubes… a veritable moonscape! At the top you are graced with a spectacular view of Bartolome, Santiago and several other nearby islands.

It is also a wonderful snorkel site, with possibility to snorkel off the beach. Some of the colourful fish species you can expect to see here include Bi-colour Parrotfish and Streamer Hogfish. Sometimes if you are lucky you will get a special treat – a Galapagos Penguin swimming alongside you from the small colony that nest in the crevices of the much photographed lava spire.

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