Sani Lodge

Comfortable Eco-lodge

About Sani Lodge

Setting: By a lake in the heart of Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest. A beautiful lodge in a spectacular location, Sani offers a superb rainforest experience. 100% owned and run by the local indigenous community, you are truly their guests as their local guides together with bilingual naturalists guide you through your rainforest experience. Like the Napo Wildlife Centre, the forest and the wildlife you will see is spectacular, in a typical four day trip you can expect to see around 120 different species of tropical birds of the 550 found around the lodge, with avid birders seeing upward of 250 in a five day trip. With Squirrel Monkeys, White fronted Capuchin Monkeys, Woolly Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Howler Monkeys and Black mantled Tamarin Monkeys and many more all seen regularly in community territory most guests can expect to see several species of monkey during their stay. There are also a rich array of insect, reptile, amphibian and plant life to be discovered.

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The lodge consists of ten, private thatch-roofed cabanas, clustered on the shore of a beautiful lagoon, each with a private bathroom and spaciously designed for double or triple occupancy, with screened windows to guard against insects whilst you sleep. Electric lights at the lodge are run from solar energy, so night sounds are purely those of the forest! Natural oil lamps are also provided for those who like the rustic ambiance they provide.

Food & Drink

Ecuadorean and international cuisine, served at the open dining area with views across the lake and the rainforest beyond. The call of a bamboo horn signals to guests that meals are served! One of the most amazing spots for bird watching at the lodge is at their open-air-bar, which is open all day with drinks, snacks, binoculars, games and books


flooded creeks in traditional dugout canoes to observe the biodiversity rich forest. From here you take short (and relatively easy) trails through the forest. One such walk is to the lodges 30 m (100ft) tree town, built around a giant, emergent Kapok tree which allows you to look out across the rainforest at canopy level, where half of the life in the rainforest lives. As well as fantastic birds, if you are lucky you may see a Red Howler Monkey asleep in the treetops! For the more adventurous there is the chance of taking night hikes through the rainforest to see the creatures and plants that come out at night, the smells and sounds are amazing. You can also take night canoe trips to spot black caiman in the lakes and creeks around the lodge.

You will also visit a spectacular parrot clay lek where hundreds of birds gather each day (the photograph of the parrots is taken at the lek which actually belongs to the community which run the Napo Wildlife Centre – the photograph is taken with a normal point and shoot camera to get an idea of how close you are!) There is also the chance to spend time with the Sani Isla Comuna (Purple Tree Island Community), the indigenous community which owns and operates the lodge, where you can join some families on their daily activities, providing an insight into their lives and a unique opportunity to learn from their remarkable knowledge of the forest and find out how they live sustainably within it.


  • Open air dining hall
  • Library
  • Well stocked bar
  • Solar electricity
  • Ponchos
  • Umbrellas
  • Rubber boots
  • Laundry facilities
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