Guango Lodge

Surrounded by 180 hectares of temperate forest with great mixed flocks of birds

About Guango Lodge

Guango Lodge is a small tourist facility surrounded by 180 hectares of temperate forest with great mixed flocks of birds. Owned by the same family as San Isidro, Guango Lodge lies at a higher elevation of 2,700 metres on Ecuador's eastern slopes, close to the town of Papallacta. This area is centered in a zone classified as humid temperate forest, a habitat characterized by its stunted trees and thick canopy, cooler climate, and different bird and plant composition. Guango is well known to birders for the Hummingbirds, with feeders discreetly placed around the small gardens of the lodge. It is possible to have fantastic views and photo opportunities of the 15 species of Hummingbird that frequent the area. The nearby river is also home to the Torrent Duck and Dippers.

Insider Knowledge

Guango Lodge guarantees that another area of ecologically important land is both productive and protected, and people from the local area are employed to work there.


Guango is one of the few sites on the east slopes of Ecuador’s Andes that cater to birders, especially at its particular elevation and it is best known for the stunning variety of Hummingbirds that visit the feeders. These include Mountain Velvetbreast, Sword-billed Hummingbird, Tourmaline Sunangel, Golden-breasted and Glowing Pufflegs, Mountain Avocetbill, and White-bellied and Gorgeted Woodstars among many others. Birds seen regularly at the lodge include Andean Guan, Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan, Turquoise Jay, Scarlet-bellied, Lacrimose, Buff-breasted and Hooded Mountain-Tanagers, Gray-hooded Bush-Tanager, Black-headed, Black-capped and Black-eared Hemispingus and Slaty Brush-Finch. Around the Guango and Papallacta area there are approximately 200 species of birds to be seen. It is the easiest place to see Torrent Ducks in the nearby rivers. If lucky you can also get to see the unique Dusky Piha. Download the complete Bird List for Guango Lodge.

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Guango Lodge offers cosy rooms with a private bathroom, hot water and a sitting room with great views.

Food & Drink

Guango is known for its excellent home cooked food – a fusion of Ecuadorean and international cuisine.


There is a good system of trails which leads you through good forest and open areas where birdwatching is easier.

Guango is well placed for accessing a lot of nearby birding sites well known to our specialist guides, including around Papallacta, Cayambe Coca Reserve and even Antisana Ecological Reserve.

Visits to Papallacta Hot Springs can also be arranged.


  • Rooms with a private bathrooms
  • Hiking trails
  • Nearby birding sites
  • Arranged visits to Papallacta Hot Springs
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