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If you are looking for your dream honeymoon, but want something a little unusual and unique, the Galapagos Islands are a perfect honeymoon destination. An Eden-like outpost in the Pacific Ocean with white sand beaches, romantic sunsets and the opportunity to come face to face with some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet.

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Galapagos honeymoon inspiration

These trips are purely for inspiration. Each Galapagos honeymoon we create is as unique as the couple booking it and tailored to match your interests, timescale and budget.

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We listen to you. We take the time to understand what you want your Galapagos trip of a lifetime to be. We then we use our decades of experience and unrivalled network of local contacts and team of top guides to make it happen.

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Guest Reviews

Once in a lifetime experience
Cathy & Nigel Sharpe
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A wonderful and once in a lifetime experience. There were many highlights: hummingbirds in the cloud forest…snorkelling with the sea lions, penguins and the beautiful fish, watching the courtships of the Blue Footed Boobies & Waved Albatross…….We could go on!
Stunned by the attention to the details
Federica and Paul
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It was an incredible holiday and superbly organised from beginning to end. Everything was exactly how we wanted it. We were stunned by the attention to the details. I really have no words to express how grateful we are.
No previous experience in our lives comes remotely close
David and Margaret Wilcock
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It's hard to know how our trip could have been any more enjoyable. No previous experience in our lives comes remotely close enough to compare - so for all the amazing attention to detail your put in, and the unexpected little extras.
I can’t speak highly enough of this company
David and Amy Donselar
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I can't speak highly enough of this company...they put together an unforgettable trip through Quito, the Cloud Forest, and the Galapagos Islands. The detailed preparation and planning was obvious and the every step was flawlessly executed.
A fabulous time
Alison and Graham Cartwright
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We had a fabulous time… and have talked non-stop to friends and family since we got back. How do you explain the thrill of swimming with sea lions or the beauty and majesty of the islands and animals; we keep trying.


The ultimate way to experience Galapagos for your honeymoon is on board a yacht. Cruising mostly at night between the islands Galapagos cruises ensure you maximise your wildlife viewing during the day and take you to the best and most pristine islands in the archipelago.

When to visit?

Another reason why Galapagos is a perfect honeymoon destination is that it works no matter what time of year you want to travel! Galapagos is a year round destination thanks to its location on the equator and each month has its own highlights.

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Galapagos Honeymoon Travel Guide

Swim and snorkel with sea lions, marine iguanas and turtles, kayak along the walls of giant sunken volcanoes, hike through lava tunnels and in the evening enjoy a beautiful sunset as the yacht sails gently through the archipelago. A Galapagos honeymoon is the ultimate romantic cruise with wildlife!

Even more extraordinary than diverse range of species is the fact the wildlife here has never learned to be afraid of humans. This gives you the chance to experience intimate wildlife experiences that are uniquely and almost indescribably wonderful.

The best way to start planning your honeymoon in Galapagos is to give us a call or contact us via email. We are genuinely delighted always to answer any questions and help get you started planning your trip. But in case it is helpful, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about planning your honeymoon in Galapagos.


There is no right answer to this question. For some honeymooners it is all about enjoying some well-deserved luxury and indulgence, and for this we have a hand-picked collection of some beautiful Galapagos luxury cruises, which are almost like floating 5* boutique hotels. For many of our honeymooners though the main priority is having the best wildlife experience, and the luxury extras aren’t important. In this case most likely a mid-range Galapagos cruise working with a top-class naturalist guide with a very strong itinerary maybe a better fit.

Browsing our collection of handpicked yachts is a good place to start, but probably the best option is for you to get in touch so we can go through with you what your priorities are for your honeymoon and help you find the best match for what you are looking for.

Is there a Galapagos honeymoon resort?

The phrase ‘Galapagos honeymoon resort’ gets searched quite a lot on Google, however there aren’t really any Galapagos honeymoon resorts out there. BUT, the good news is that there is an absolutely gorgeous hotel in the island of Santa Cruz, the Finch Bay Hotel, set by a beautiful beach on a part of the island which is away from the town, which we strongly recommend for honeymooners as an add on to your Galapagos honeymoon cruise if you want some time to just relax either before or after and just soak up at a very leisurely pace joy of being in Galapagos! Alternatively you can stay at Pikaia Lodge, a gorgeous eco lodge, hidden in a secluded giant tortoise reserve and nestled on the edge of an extinct volcano crater. It’s pretty spectacular!

How do we get to Galapagos for our honeymoon?

The Galapagos Islands lie 600 miles (1000 km) off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, and there are no direct international flights to Galapagos, so you need to take a domestic flight either from Quito, Ecuador’s capital city nestled high in the Andes, or Guayaquil, Ecuador’s steamy commercial capital on its coastal planes. There are now several flights each day to Galapagos which take around two and a half hours. This means every Galapagos honeymoon starts and ends in mainland Ecuador, which brings us onto our next question….

Is it worth spending time in Ecuador?

All our Galapagos honeymoons start and end in mainland Ecuador as this is where you take your flight from, so if time allows we would definitely recommend spending some time exploring mainland Ecuador or even Peru as an add-on to your Galapagos honeymoon cruise. Here are some of our favourite options for honeymooners in Ecuador as an add-on to your Galapagos cruise:


The Amazon Rainforest, where we work with a beautiful luxury lodge, which is 100% owned and run by the local indigenous community in the heart of the Yasuni National Park, is one of the most biodiverse places on planet. The rich diversity of the ancient and complex ecosystems here and the lushness of the forests make a wonderful contrast to your Galapagos experience. Our favourite place here for honeymooners is the Napo Wildlife Centre.

Cloud Forest

Ecuador has some of the best and most easily accessible areas of cloud forest in the world. This rare and beautiful forest can be found just 2 hours drive from Ecuador’s capital Quito and is home to a rich profusion of plant and animal life. One of the most spectacular things to enjoy here are the hummingbirds, in one place we recommend for our honeymooners to stop at for lunch on the way down to their lodge has an incredible array of species of hummingbirds that visit its feeders. Our favourite place here for honeymooners is El Monte.

Hacienda Zuleta

Located in Ecuador’s Northern Andes, this is a true Andean Shangri-La. The home of a former Ecuadorean president, it is now run by the family and is described as being an ‘intimate encounter with Ecuador’s Andes’. With wood burning stoves in each exquisitely styled room, wonderful hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and the virtually guaranteed chance to see wild Andean Condors every day as well as around a 1 in 3 chance of seeing Spectacle Bears, this place really does have it all!

Pre-Trip Information

This downloadable pre-trip information document will help you plan for your Galapagos honeymoon with lots of practical tips and travel advice. Although it is long, we don’t cover every question that may arise, so please do get in touch any time with questions and we are always delighted to help.