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Each year Think Galapagos co-founder, photographer and Galapagos expert Santiago Bejarano leads a special Galapagos and Ecuador group tour. These Galapagos group tours are for a maximum of 15 guests on board our own private yacht led by Santiago along with expert local guides ensuring an unparalleled level of service.

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We listen to you. We take the time to understand what you want your Galapagos trip of a lifetime to be. We then we use our decades of experience and unrivalled network of local contacts and team of top guides to make it happen.

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“We understand travelling is more complicated now than before COVID. That’s why you need to use a company you can trust every step of the way.”

Travel in a time of uncertainty…

Now travel has resumed, planning your Galapagos holiday should be a source of excitement, but making sense of all the travel regulations can be a headache. We follow developments in Ecuador, Peru and Galapagos incredibly closely so we have all the latest information on hand.

Having all the latest information and expert teams on the ground helps us take the uncertainty out of your planning and give you the confidence to book, secure in the knowledge we have you covered! If you want to find out the latest advice on travel to Ecuador, Galapagos and Peru please contact us

Guest Reviews

What an adventure
John and Carol Cope
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We had a fantastic time, what an adventure. Santiago was brilliant, so knowledgeable and Daniel too. I’m sure we will be holidaying with you again thank you so much for your help with arranging the holiday your company is so good.
Exhilarated and enriched by our experiences
Allan and Paula Briggs
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We have arrived back from our Ecuador adventure feeling exhilarated and enriched by our experiences. We were very impressed with the quality of the guides….. All in all a most memorable holiday that we rate as one of the best we have ever had.
Without exception, a fabulous experience
Glenys and Mike Baylis
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A truly amazing holiday! The trip that Think Galapagos put together was, without exception, a fabulous experience - we were so well taken care of at every step of the way, from pre-trip planning to saying goodbye at the airport.
Words alone cannot do it justice
David and Sheryn Vaughan
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I still can’t take in what we saw. I try to explain it to friends… but words alone cannot do it justice. From start to finish everything was well organised and ran like clockwork. We were promised a fantastic time and you delivered a holiday of a lifetime.
Our every need was anticipated and planned for
Bob and Jan Tivel
Read More
This was our first experience with a tour group. Your company, was everything we could have hoped for. Our every need was anticipated and planned for. We've been spreading the word about you and your wonderful company. Thank you so much for a trip experience of a lifetime!

Exceptional Wildlife Encounters

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How does a Galapagos group tour work?

Our group trip starts when you arrive to Quito airport, where you will be met by one of our team. From this point onwards you will be looked after every step of the way from that moment until your flight home.

In the past most guests arrived on the same flight, but in recent years guests have arrived at slightly different times, so we can pick you up at whatever time your flight arrives, and then the program begins in the hotel in Quito with our welcome dinner.

The next day, chance to explore Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its amazing colonial architecture before we head down to the cloud forest for a few nights. The forests here are literally buzzing with hummingbirds in some parts. We have identified the very best spots to stop along the way to see and photograph some of the amazing bird and plant life. From here we head north to the Andes to experience some of the scenery and culture from this region, staying in a beautiful hacienda.

After a few days in the Andes, the group then will take a flight that takes us 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador to Galapagos to board our private yacht. We then have 8 days on board our beautiful live-aboard cruise visiting some of the most remarkable islands in the Galapagos.

Every step of the way is taken care of, all your meals, accommodation and excursions are taken care of. As one guest once said, they only thing we had to think about each morning was which shoes we should wear!

What makes Galapagos so special?

The Galapagos Islands are a group of 127 islands, islets, and rocks that originated from the ocean floor just a few million years ago and are perhaps the only place on Earth where we can get a true sense of what life was like before humans.
Wildlife with no fear of humans

The Galapagos Islands are truly remarkable in that they have spent much of their history isolated from predators (most notably humans). As a result, a rare and diverse range of animals that are completely fearless of humans has emerged. The fearlessness of the fauna here is astounding, from breeding boobies to flightless cormorants, iguanas, and giant tortoises.

Each Island is different

Each island has its own unique flora and fauna, which have been blown or washed across from mainland South America and forced to adapt in order to survive. Every island, from the newest, Fernandina, which is still forming, to the oldest, Espanola, which was formed 3.5 million years ago, has its own distinct landscape and ecosystems.

Protected and pristine

Galapagos National Park was established in 1959 to protect and preserve 97 percent of the island’s total land area, and thanks to ongoing conservation efforts by the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station, the Galapagos Islands remain largely as Darwin saw them nearly two centuries ago — a pristine natural paradise and an inspiration for everyone who loves the natural world.

Amazing under water life

The Galapagos Marine Reserve is the world’s second largest marine reserve and the largest in any developing nation. It encircles the archipelago and occupies 133,000 square kilometers (51,352 square miles). With over 2,900 marine species known, sea lions, marine iguanas, rays, flightless cormorants, penguins, whales, and dolphins are only a few of the incredible aquatic life found here.

What makes Ecuador the perfect addition to a Galapagos Cruise?
Ecuador is as beautiful as it is varied. Ecuador is one of South America’s smallest nations, straddling the equator for which it is called, but few can match its diverse range of ecosystems, history, and rich wildlife despite its small size. Ecuador has it all, from the high Andes to the Amazon Rainforest, tropical cloud forests, and the Pacific Coast. Here is a summary of the 3 places we visit as part of our Galapagos and Ecuador group tour:


Quito has one of the most spectacular locations of any city in the world, nestled high in the Andes at 2800 meters and flanked by volcanoes. Because of its magnificent colonial architecture, the former northern capital of the Incan Empire has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The locals’ daily lives pulsate alongside beautifully restored blocks, picturesque plazas, and some truly magnificent architecture.

Cloud Forest

A unique ecosystem known as “cloud forests” thrives where rainforests meet mountains. One of Ecuador’s little-known jewels is the unique and magnificent cloud forests that flank the eastern and western slopes of the Andes. They’re just 2 hours from Quito and make a great addition to a Galapagos cruise, giving you a glimpse of tropical forests. With orchids, ferns, and bromeliads, waterfalls and crystalline rivers, butterflies, and perhaps most importantly, some of the finest and easiest bird watching in the world, with stunning tropical birds that will delight both beginner and seasoned bird watchers.

Ecuador’s Northern Andes

Beautiful mountain scenery, colourful Indian markets, and Hacienda Cusin, a charming restored historic hacienda, can all be found in the Andes to the north of Quito. Otavalo Market, one of the largest and most colourful markets in the Andes, is also located here, with fantastic handicrafts.

Pre-Trip Information

This downloadable pre-trip information document will help you plan for your Galapagos trip as well as answering some key questions you may have. Despite being quite long it is by no means exhaustive, so please do get in touch with any questions you may have and we would be delighted to help.


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