Galápagos Sketchbook – a new book inspired by a trip with Think Galapagos


Oxfordshire based Artist David Pollack travelled to the Galapagos Islands with Think Galapagos the year he retired from his day job. Although that trip was over a decade  ago, the remote volcanic archipelago 1,000km off the coast of Ecuador had a deep and lasting effect on him. A place of creative inspiration David is of […]

A Life Changing Trip and Awakening to our Incredible World

Ecuador Amazon Clay lick Cobalt-winged Parakeet

When I received the feedback below from recent guests of ours who travelled to the Amazon and the Galapagos on honeymoon, I just had to share it. The email brought tears to my eyes. It encapsulates exactly why I love doing my job and I feel very lucky to be able to share these amazing […]

Top 5 unexpected joys of a Galapagos Cruise

Sun deck

A Galapagos cruise is without a doubt one of the most outstanding wildlife experiences on Earth. Extraordinary wildlife that has no fear of humans, most of which is found nowhere else on earth, from marine iguanas to giant tortoises to flightless cormorants.  All of the creatures you see have a fascinating evolutionary history coupled with […]

Top 10 tips on how to find the best Galapagos cruise

Yacht in galapagos

 In this blog Think Galapagos co-founder Rachel Dex shares some of her tips on how to choose the best Galapagos cruise. A Galapagos cruise is without a doubt one of the most outstanding wildlife experiences on Earth. Choosing the best cruise is a vitally important part of planning your trip and one which can transform […]

Our trip to the Galapagos Islands April 2022

Galapagos 2022 Kids on the sand

Our latest blog is written by our youngest ever contributors, Mickey and Georgie Moran (age 9 and 8) who travelled with us on a family holiday to Galapagos and the Cloud Forest in 2022. This account of their trip was mainly dictated by Mickey to his parents. Many of the accompanying photos were also taken […]

How Your Money Protects Rainforests in Ecuador

Spectacled Bear camera trap shot

The thrill of seeing what a trap camera will capture is really quite something. I remember when we travelled to the Amazon with our two kids, our guides very patiently helped us set up a few camera traps on some of the trails near the lodge we were staying (Sani Lodge which is a wonderful […]

Angelito Galapagos Cruise – The Full Story!


Angelito has been one of Think Galapagos favourite Galapagos yachts over the years.   The place of special Galapagos family holidays and birthday celebrations, the Angelito Galapagos cruise is run with great heart and with a real family feel.  Maja Homberger, originally from Thun in Switzerland,  who works as part of the Angelito team helping run […]

Galapagos Family Tours – from toddlers to teens

Galapagos Family trip

Rachel Dex, co-founder of Think Galapagos looks back on some of the highlights of her own Galapagos Family Tours. Exploring a pristine wildness like the Galapagos is a great equaliser, allowing old and young to come together and share new experiences with equal joy. However planning a trip to somewhere so remote and wild isn’t […]

10 Underrated Galapagos Plants and Animals

Swallow Tailed Gull South Plaza Galapagos

Iconic animals such as the giant tortoise, marine iguanas, and sea lions are always going to top the bill as Galapagos wildlife holiday highlights. However, the Galapagos Islands are also filled with amazing plants and animals that don’t get to bask in the spotlight, but are truly remarkable and wonderful in their own right.  Here […]