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Andes - Spectacular Scenery and Rich Culture


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The Andes is a region of superlatives. Stretching for over 7,500 km the Andes is the longest mountain range in the world and dramatically dissects South America in two – from north to south – crossing seven countries, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Their richly varied terrain comprises glaciers, volcanoes, desert, lakes, forest and grasslands and is responsible in one way or another for the continents incredible natural biodiversity. Everything in South America is directly related to their existence, not only in the landscapes and wildlife but also in the rich indigenous cultures both living and present. The most iconic being the Inca Empire which stretched out along the Andes of Peru and Ecuador leaving many beautiful ruins.


“I run out of superlatives when I describe our holiday to friends – the wildlife, the scenery, the service & the friendliness. Everything was an absolute joy. We thought the guides were excellent. The organisation was perfect.”


Our favourite Andes and Galapagos Holidays

Think Galapagos have expert teams on the ground in both the Ecuadorean and Peruvian Andean regions. The Andes of Ecuador and Peru, both home to some of the most colourful and vibrant indigenous cultures in South America make for a great extension to your Galapagos cruise. Quito, Ecuador’s capital nestled at 2800 meters in the Andes is for many people their arrival point on their Galapagos holiday and offers a wonderful glimpse into Andean life. For those who wish to spend a little more time exploring the Andes, here are some ideas of how you can include a visit to the Ecuadorean or Peruvian Andes as part of your Galapagos holiday.

Ecuador’s Andes and their remarkable habitats


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What to pack for travel in the Andes and other FAQ’s


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