Out of this world

Out of this world Out of this world – far beyond expectations – we couldn’t believe the animals in the Galapagos and how non fussed they are around humans! Nicola Corrigan, Ocean Spray

Beyond compare

Beyond compare It’s hard to know how our trip could have been any more enjoyable. No previous experience in our lives comes remotely close enough to compare. David and Margaret Wilcock, Escorted Group Trip

Living in a nature documentary

Living in a nature documentary It felt like we were living in a nature documentary, seeing so many unusual and unique species, but also able to observe their natural behaviour. Dr Kayleigh Wyles, Galaxy

Beyond our wildest expectations

Beyond our wildest expectations The crew and naturalists were tireless in their efforts to ensure we had a great time and the wildlife viewings and close encounters were beyond our wildest expectations. Maureen & Robert Macpherson, Beagle


Incredible The snorkelling was like nothing I had ever experienced – to be so close to turtles, sharks, sea lions and even sunfish really was incredible…quite possibly the best holiday we have ever had. Jackie Carter, Beluga

Thrill of swimming with sea lions

Thrill of swimming with sea lions How do you explain the thrill of swimming with sea lions or the beauty and majesty of the islands and animals; we keep trying. Alison & Graham Cartwright, Galaxy II