Everything you promised and more

Everything you promised and more Everything you promised and more. Thank you so much for putting it together – it worked beautifully. I have been singing your praises to all who will listen. Jenny Handiforth, Ecuador and Galapagos

Truly spectacular

Truly spectacular The most amazing trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos. We only wish we had managed to spend more time on the mainland, as we loved the Cloud forest. It was a truly spectacular trip. Maureen and Robert Macpherson, Ecuador and Galapagos

Exceeded our wildest dreams

Exceeded our wildest dreams Thank you so much for your meticulous planning and organising of THE most wonderful holiday that exceeded even our wildest dreams. We couldn’t have asked for more. Caroline and Philip Baylis, Ecuador and Galapagos

Dream come true

Dream come true A most amazing holiday. Everything you organized went off without a hitch. This was truly a holiday of a lifetime and we will remember it and be talking about it for ages…a dream come true!! Susan Harper and Friends, Ecuador and Galapagos

Just about perfect

Just about perfect Thank you for organising the most incredible trip for us. Every part (Quito/Andes, Cloud Forest, Galapagos and Amazon) was just about perfect and we felt was in exactly the best order for us. Margaret Parry, Ecuador and Galapagos

Most wonderful holiday

Most wonderful holiday This is a probably the most wonderful holiday we have ever had. We will never forget all the amazing things we saw. Thank you for all your work and efforts to give us our holiday to remember. Denise and Gerald Massey, Ecuador and Galapagos

An unforgettable trip

An unforgettable trip I can’t speak highly enough of this company…they put together an unforgettable trip through Quito, the Cloud Forest, and the Galapagos Islands. This trip exceeded our highest expectations. David & Amy Donselar, Ecuador and Galapagos

Astonishing and wonderful

Astonishing and wonderful Your care and attention and amazing knowledge made the trip extra special. I felt safe, excited, curious, happy, amazed… for the entire trip. It was an astonishing and wonderful two weeks. Joyce Rothschild, Ecuador and Galapagos