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In Machu Picchu, Peru has perhaps the most breath-taking archaeological site in the world. It also offers an amazing wealth of other magnificent sights: ancient, colonial and scenic. With flights between the coast of Ecuador and Peru’s capital city Lima less than 2 hours 30 minutes, it makes for a fantastic combination with the Galapagos Islands. Whether you’d like to trek the Inca Trail, see the sun rise at Machu Picchu or take a flight over the Nazca Lines, we can create the perfect tailor made holiday in Peru to complement your Galapagos cruise.


“I run out of superlatives when I describe our holiday to friends – the wildlife, the scenery, the service & the friendliness. Everything was an absolute joy. We thought the guides were excellent. The organisation was perfect.”


Our most popular Peru and Galapagos holidays

These trips are simply for inspiration. Each Peru holiday we create for our guests is always unique and tailored to match your interests, timescale and budget. All our hotels are hand-picked by us for their individual qualities and range from award winning luxury boutique hotels to characterful community run lodges. We also work with a team of top local guides and experts to ensure you are looked after every step of the way.

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